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Healing sessions

Available are Healing Sessions with both Kathleen and Judson together in a Tandem Session, or if you prefer working with one specific healer; Individual Sessions are also available.  See below for details.


Tandem Healing Session

This session utilizes all of the combined skills of both Kathleen & Judson. While the bowls are placed & played on the body, Access Consciousness clearings are brought to awareness. Kathleen’s use of high levels of intuition, brings to light what patterns are ready to be released.

Judson calibrates which bowls harmonize & align with the individual’s desired outcomes.


Call or text to schedule:
Kathleen Cell  510-299-3459
Judson Cell  510-543-8558


Individual Session w/

This session is a compilation of 30 years of energy work study & practice, with a focus on clearing of emotional patterns, and their effects on the client’s life. This allows for the new path to emerge, with ease & grace. Using gifts & tools gathered from several modalities, we co-create lasting transformation to peace & relief for mind, body & spirit. Modalities include Access Consciousness, Master Reiki Teacher, Reconnection, Infinity Energetics, Yuen Method, and more. Sessions are available by phone and in person. What else is possible for you, and how does it get any better than that?!  

Kathleen: 510-299-3459

Call or text


Individual Session w/ Judson

Judson has been involved in the healing arts for over 25 years. He is a Master Reiki Teacher as well, Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, and BARS practitioner for Access consciousness. His use of calibration techniques

coupled with an artful understanding of the bowls, and their sound wave effects, combined with his electromagnetic change work is profoundly effective. Working together the shift is amplified and immediate. His specialty is Hospice Relaxation & Release Care. 

Judson: 510-543-8558

Call or text

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