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Customized Singing Bowl Session 
based on your desired outcome

This offering allows you to choose your specific goal or feeling state that you desire to achieve. For example; you may wish to feel more at peace, more confident, more patient ,abundant, creative, or just more of an overall state of well-being...more YOU. We then take that desired goal and with focused intent and powerful change energies, customize a singing bowl session for you. In this session the song that is created is specific to your desired outcome, allowing you to have your energetic shift. It is imprinted with the energy specific to you, your name and your request. The shift that is available to you is infinite, as you choose. This is your song, and is forever useful!

Special session as offered on Marilyn & Joeaux
January 11, 2023 Double Digit broadcast for a limited time: 

15 minute recording for $60 (regularly $99)

30 minute recording for $99 (regularly $199)


15 minute recording

special Double Digit price $99

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30 minute recording

special Double Digit price $199

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If you had an issue with our "buy now" button we apologize. The situation has been corrected. However, if you want to call your order in directly to Kathleen you may do so, with your credit card over the phone by calling: 510-299-3459
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Here we are at one of our new moon house concerts, enjoy. 

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Soul Tones CD available now.

As their concerts are unique so is this CD. Soul Tones will take you on a healing journey through the bowls, gongs, toning and energy that is Soul Tones in this almost hour long experience. 

CD's in stock now $15 each + S&H

Call now to order: 510-299-3459

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